Where is the cheapest holiday in Europe?

article-0-05BE2F21000005DC-936_468x286Unfortunately this article may be a little late to the party, as a lot of our readers have probably either already been on their holidays or have had it booked for months!

We all know how much more fun it is to create the anticipation of a 4 month wait for your holiday; putting red crosses through each days as it passes on your calendar.

However, if you’re looking to catch a last minute deal – then this is the article for you. If you’re not, you can continue too – because it’s interesting and you know you want to!

A study was recently carried out by the Post Office Travel Money where they selected 12 typical holiday purchases and compared how much each would cost you in a lot of the UK’s favourite holiday destinations.

I read about this in an article in The Sun – and simply had to share some of the results with you.

You may now know that we’re quite big fans of Portugal here – but we promise to be in no way biased in this article.  Portugal came out on top, a lot.  It is deemed one of the most affordable holiday destinations this summer.

An example of this is that a family dinner for four will cost you on average £70 in Turkey, but only half of that in Portugal.  On top of that, a cup of coffee in Cyprus will set you back £2.70, as compared to just 63p in Portugal.

In fact the report states that in Portugal average prices have dropped by approximately 30% compared with the year previous.  This is a pretty big drop, but more surprisingly the average cost of food in sunny Portugal has dropped by a whopping 47%.

So there you have it, if you’re looking to save the pennies this year for your family holiday, look no further than Portugal.

Have you already been away this Summer?

Where did you go and how did the prices compare there?

What is the Festival of the Ocean in Lisbon?

festival-oceanosEvery year in Lisbon, they celebrate the Festival of the Ocean (Festival Dos Oceanos) for a two week period.

This year’s festival begins on the 30th of July – so if you’ve got a holiday booked to Lisbon in the next couple of weeks, then you are in luck.

Every year the festival attracts around 300,000 people to the city for a series of events that span a fortnight, day and night.  Most of these events are free and can be found all around the city.

There is something for everyone, whether you’re looking for tranquil street performers of wild parties in the evening – you can find it at the Festival of the Ocean.  The events include street performers, concerts, fireworks, cultural entertainment and more.

The first Festival of the Ocean was in 1999 and its objective was to maintain the national spirit achieved from the EXPO’98.  They had clear objectives when they created the festival, looking to promote a cultural event that would increase tourism to the country in months which usually suffered from a lack of tourist interest.

The event has proven to be a success and now attracts masses of tourists who will stay in Lisbon for the entirety of the two weeks to ensure they don’t miss any of the concerts or events.

The event is based in three areas of Centro Histórico, Belém and Parque das Nações.  These areas weren’t picked randomly; they were selected for good reasons.

The historic centre (Centro Histórico) is supposed to resemble the soul of Lisbon due to its copious amounts of history.  Bethlehem (Belém) is often considered the cultural hub of the city due to its many museums.  Finally the Nations Park (Parque das Nações) is supposed to play the role of modern Lisbon and has some of the best tourist facilities in the city.

Will you be visiting Lisbon for the festival this year?  Or perhaps you’ve been before?  We want to know, leave a comment below.