The 5 Best Beaches in Portugal

109-praia-dona-ana-beach-suWe are not lucky enough to be blessed with some of the world’s most beautiful beaches here in the UK, which is a real shame – because we clearly love them.

The heat wave this summer has seen our beaches swarming with the general population trying to soak up the most of this rare sunshine we’ve been enjoying.

However, when we find ourselves day dreaming of our holidays – what is it we’re thinking of?  More often than not, we are imaging lying on the beach, digging our feet into the warm sand whilst feeling the sun warm our bodies from head to toe, hearing the waves lap the shore in the background.

Okay, I got carried away then.  Anyway, the point is – we all love a beach and Portugal is the home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches.  So we thought we’d take the time to compile a list of the best 5 beaches in all of Portugal, so you know where to go on your travels.

1. The Falesia Beach, Albufeira.

This beach boasts beautiful white sands and stretches long enough to deem it enough to take a long beach stroll.  There also some exquisite rock faces along this beach which give off an orange glow at sun set – a must see.  The water is lovely and clear, perfect for swimming in.

2. Ponta Da Piedade, Lagos.

This beach is famous for its beautiful caves and grottos, all of which can be accessed by taking the boat trips that can be found near the beach.  The beach offers free parking and has plenty of room so that even in peak season you can find your ideal spot for the day.

3. Praia Dona Ana, Lagos.

Another beautiful beach from the region of Lagos, this one with a slightly different type of sand that excellently doesn’t stick to your skin.  The beach also has two fabulous restaurants meaning you have the best of both worlds.  If you like exploring, you can also swim out to some of the coves and find some hidden beaches!

4. Troia Beach, Troia.

This beach is a lot quieter than some of the others but boasts the same stunning white sands and crystal clear seas.  Many deem it the best in Portugal and describe it as an absolute paradise.

5. Guincho Beach, Sintra.

A fantastically clean and well maintained beach, this is a surfer’s favourite – due to its wild waves because of the wind you often find here.  Making this perhaps not a favourite for people looking to relax.  But if water sports is your thing, then the Guincho beach is for you.


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