The Climate of Portugal

Beautiful Beach in Faro, Portugal

A Beautiful Faro Beach | Photo by mac_filko

Portugal has a typical Mediterranean climate with hot and dry summers being a particular feature which attracts many holidaymakers.

There are differences depending on the specific region you are staying in though so we have put together this short guide to help you decide which area would be best for you.

The Algarve

One of the most popular areas for the traditional ‘beach holiday’ the Algarve is generally the hottest part of Portugal during the summer months of July and August.

It has a long summer season and whilst temperatures don’t ever get too cold in the winter months (averages of around 12°C – 13°C Dec – Feb) from mid-May onwards it starts getting hot! July and August has averages of over 24°C and it stays well over 19°C right through to October.


The capital of Portugal, Lisbon (or Lisboa) has a very similar temperature chart to the Algarve however it stays a degree or so lower throughout the year.

This means it is still a very warm area to visit and has probably the best climate of any European capital city.


Further north up the coast from Lisbon, the large city of Porto has a slightly cooler climate than the southern areas of Portugal however it is still not what you would call cold!

In the winter months its average temperature drops down to just under 10°C however it achieves averages of 20°C + in the hotter summer months.


Due to its location situated off the south-west of the Portugal mainland, the island of Madeira basks in an almost permanently hot climate.

Even in the winter months it manages an average of almost 17°C and this rises in summer to over 23°C making it a true all year round holiday destination and a perfect winter escape.

Average Daily Temperatures


Temperature data from: Instituto Português do Mar e da Atmosfera

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