Top Portugal Links From Around The Web – February 2014

It’s been a busy start to 2014 for us here at Villas in Portugal with lot’s of developments being put into place.

I’ve also spent quite a bit of time on our twitter account (@VillaHunters) sharing posts and articles that I’ve found with all our followers. Twitter really is the best medium for quickly sharing great quality content and if you’re interested in travel topics and Portugal in particular it’s a good idea to follow us.

Out of everything I have seen over the last few weeks here are my top 5 Portugal links:

1. Surf’s Up In Lagos

Portugal is always popular with surfers, it’s many fantastic beaches and enormous Atlantic coastline make it a surfing paradise and it regularly hits the headlines for various surfing related records and activities.

Early in January Portuguese surfer Alex Botelho caught a record breaking, long distance wave on a beach near Lagos.

Alex didn’t plan this, there wasn’t a massive support team ready to whisk him to the media tent, then to his deluxe suite somewhere. Alex was just having fun.

Checkout ‘An Adventure Abroad Blog‘ for more details and a video of surfer Alex Botelho.

2. Lisbon Get’s Its Own Font

Villas in Portugal - LX Type

The new Lisbon Font, LX Type

I love this.

Some clever marketing types have come up with a new font for Lisbon based on the electric tram lines which form a distinctive part of the Lisbon skyline.

To be honest my first thought was ‘really?’ but if you head over to and try it, it’s actually really smart.

I think this is going to be a real point of interest for the city and just think of all the mugs, t-shirts and posters they are going to sell with the adorning typeface on it!

Obviously I couldn’t resist a bit of experimentation, you can see how the font looks in the picture to the right!

Head over to the website to watch the promotional video (which has some great shots of Lisbon in it) and download LX Type, the official font of Lisbon, then get creative! I’m looking forwards to seeing what people come up with using it.

 3. A Portugal Travel Guide For Teens

There are literally hundreds of travel guides to Portugal out there, many are fantastic and offer a wealth of insight into various parts of the country however it’s not often that I see any catering to the teenage age group.

Let’s be honest, it’s adults not teens who generally book holidays and decide on destinations, but ensuring that there is something for all members of a family to enjoy on a holiday is pretty important. Nothing will spoil a lovely time quicker than a ‘bored’ teenager, I was one once and I dread to think what I must have been like to holiday with at times!

If you’re planning a Portugal break and have teens in your party then Eileen over at has you covered, offering lots of great advice and suggestions on things to do across Portugal as a whole.

While teens will want for nothing in the lively town of Lagos, just an hour or so away is an attraction that can literally and figuratively take your breath away.

Discover the full post here:

4. Image Of The Week

I love looking at pictures of Portugal, it has such a varied landscape that, when captured by a skilled photographer, it seems almost magical at times.

One of the best ways of getting a regular feed of pictures is to follow Portugal Photo Tours on twitter (@PTPhotoTours), here is one they sent out recently, see what I mean?

5. Peace, Calm and Tranquility in Monchique

The Algarve has a reputation for sun, sea and beaches for a good reason, they are all in plentiful supply without a doubt, but that is not all that is on offer.

Lucy over at the Halcyon Travel Blog spent a day exploring the little spa town of Monchique, which is just a short drive from many of the more popular Algarve resorts, and discovered a place with a more laid back and tranquil atmosphere.

I continue walking up and down the uneven steps throughout the woods, listening to the birds chirping and the trickling water in the stream that follows beside me on my route.

Head over to Lucy’s (new) blog here: – I’m looking forward to reading more travel adventures from her.

That’s it for now, did I miss anything? If you saw something share-worthy about Portugal this month let me know, I’d love to see it. Leave a comment or send me a message on twitter.

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  1. Thanks for including us in your roundup, Darren!

  2. Darren, thank you for your kind words. We have collected lots of material and will continue sharing it.
    We are building a new website (beta phase) so that it will be easier to follow us and we continue to gather more pics and videos about Portugal.

    I believe we share the same passion about Portugal.

    • We certainly do, I love your the images of Portugal that you share.
      Let me know when the new website is live!

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