Villas in Lagos

Lagos is probably the Algarve’s most cosmopolitan resort, and attracts tourists from all over the globe. It’s fairly uncommon to hear American and Australian accents in other resorts, but Lagos is a mecca for these long distance travellers, who visit for a great surfing scene and choice of lively bars and restaurants.

Lagos is also a resort with plenty of museums and cultural attractions – perfect for those who fancy a break from the beaches.

When it comes to beaches, Lagos leaves you spoiled for choice. The absolute “must do” is Praia de Dona Ana, a stunningly colourful cove that probably features on more Algarve postcards than any other. This beach, however, is just the start: there are also plenty of other cove beaches heading west, and the huge half-moon expanse of Meia Praia, visible from the town’s attractive riverside.

Lagos truly has something for everyone. Lagos old town caters for all ages with plenty of individual shops, frenetic bars for the younger crowd, and elegant restaurants for those seeking a more relaxed atmosphere.

There is also an attractive (if often rather windswept) marina, where you can enjoy the sunshine in one of the many bars, or arrange a boat trip or perhaps a private charter or fishing trip around the local waters.

Ready to make it your next holiday destination? Take a look through our collection of villas in Lagos below and find your Lagos villa in this great location.