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Tavira is a small riverside town located in the eastern Algarve and it is a typical example of a traditional working coastal town. The pace of life is slower than in other Algarve towns and resorts and many visitors comment on the friendly locals that operate the town centre cafes and restaurants.

Whilst exploring the city you need to visit the old town area and wander around the old cobbled streets to really get a feel for the place. Another must visit is the Ponte Romana, a famous Roman bridge that spans the Gilao River.

Praia da Ilha de Tavira is the long stretch of beach that visitors to Tavira use however it is actually located on the coast of Tavira Island which is accessible only by boat to the South of Tavira. A ferry fair is cheap though and it is definitely worth your time visiting.

Golf lovers often book one of the many Tavira villas due to the close proximity of a number of popular golf courses which make it a great location for them. If you’re on a budget then you can potentially cut costs by booking a Tavira apartment instead, these offer a great mix of privacy and prime locations in the city centre.

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